• Where are the ASPD potions (concentration / awakening / berserk)?
---> They are in  Food / Speed Potions / other Items  field, inside  BUFFS, ITEMS AND OTHER STUFF .

• Where are Soul Linker's Links?
---> Some are in  Passive / Supportive skills  field, while others are in the attack skill list.

• How do I change Esma's element (Soul Linker magic attack skill)?
---> Change weapon's element ("Attribute").

• Are the results given by this calc 100% reliable?
---> In most cases, yes. Please take a look at "Known issues" paragraph in Changelog.

• Can I simulate PvP with this calc?
---> Yes, select "[Custom Player]" in the enemy list and modify it's stats using  Manual Edits on Enemy  field.

• How can I simulate Mora enchants, Feral Boots, Feral Tail, and Golden Bell?
---> Those enchants can be simulated in  Additional Enchants & Manual Edits on Player  field.

Mora Enchants